Pacific Diabetes Technologies (PDT) is dedicated to the goal of creating an accessible integrated artificial pancreas. Combining the artificial pancreas and sensor chemistry knowledge of the Portland PDT team with the microelectronic fabrication expertise of Professors Greg Herman and John Conley of Oregon State University, PDT is well situated to develop devices that are needed for a reliable artificial pancreas to market. These devices will help make life simpler for people with Type 1 diabetes or insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes. THESE DEVICES ARE NOT YET APPROVED FOR HUMAN USE.

Artificial pancreas

PDT’s first device is a unified dual-function glucose sensing and hormone delivery system, as follows:               Slide1

This integrated solution combines multiple amperometric glucose sensing units with insulin delivery in a single unified device that is ideal for diabetes management. For the price of a CGM sensor, PDT’s solution is to deliver both continuous glucose sensing as well as insulin infusion.

Simplifying diabetes management